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The Brake System

The brake system is undeniably an essentialápart of any vehicle, and one that should be maintained with utmost diligence. From the master cylinder to the brake fluid and everything in-between, when you press the brake pedal you want the car to stop, and the more efficiently the better. Keeping this system working at optimum levels should be first on everyoneĺs service list or the risk of an accident is inevitable.

Brake Pads and Brake Shoes

Topping up brake fluid is something that anyone is capable of, but when it comes to replacing worn braking pads or shoes, depending on your vehicle, professional assistance may be required. A telltale scraping sound will indicate, for those that leave it late, when it is time for such an undergoing and the problem should be resolved sooner rather then later. Thankfully, these pads and shoes are not expensive, and the process not particularly difficult, regardless of whether your vehicle utilises drum brakes or disc brakes, and the whole task can be completed in just an hour or two.

Brake Pipe Leaks

More serious problems in braking systems may be more time consuming and costly to repair, such as fluid leaks, or major issues with the master cylinder. There is little more terrifying then the idea of the brake pedal being pressed and your car not responding, and a brake system dry of fluid is a sure way to make this nightmare a reality. If you suspect a leak, have your car checked urgently to ensure your brakes brake safely and quickly every time. - an offer by Delticom AG 18.09.2020 08:29