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  • Customers state that they get their black circles for about 25% lower prices at eiretyres.com compared to other dealers
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Diagonal trailer tyres – find the right wheels for your trailer

Whether you are looking for quality trailer tyres for your construction or boat trailer, Mobilemech.ie carries a rather large selection of quality diagonal trailer tyres. Before you can choose the correct summer or winter tyres for your trailer or ATV, you will want to calculate the load in order to be able to choose wheels that sport the matching load index. This is important to avoid problems in the future. If you state the desired tyre size along with the brand that you prefer, we can display the matching wheels. From 4x4 tyres to 10 inch and 145/10 wheels, you will find a large selection by many top brands here. From Continental to Michelin, Hankook, Dunlop and Deli, you can choose whichever brand best matches your budget and personal preferences. Of course, you can simply select the tyre size and browse all available brands in this category.

Since you will most likely end up with a number of search results, you can sort them by size, brand, price, tread, speed or customer reviews. This should help with making your selection. Also make note of the speed index since you should not exceed this speed limit when driving with your trailer. Of course, tyre fittings are available at a local tyre fitting station if this is desired.

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