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Black rubber meets the hard ice

Winter weather of the year in Dublin is turning on, roads covered with ice and snow. Summer grip is all gone. Now is the time to buy new winter tyres, fit for the harsh cold and slippery weather. Stow old tyres in the garage and let new winter tyres beat the hard ice off the road.

Tyres made of black rubber and hard studs pull the vehicle along the wintery road. All the grooves and rubber wet and tight. Let it be ice or snow, winter tyres from let you drive home in peace. Pretty and stylish, fit to the car, these winter tyres keep good contact to the road and take corners tight.

These are the reasons to buy our winter tyres

  • We have good selection of rubber for nearly any endeavour
  • We know how deal with cold and freezing stuff
  • We sell tyres for all the Europe
  • Our tyres come from the most challenging environments of the world

For the fresh breath of early winter, when the sea goes wild and roads stay cold, buy winter tyres from and soon you are ready to break the ice. These winter tyres keep the way straight, curves go smooth and the ride is quiet. Get warmness to the cold, now available at the online shop.

Snow comes flying down from the sky. It is winter at its best in Ireland. With good tyres on, you can just use the vehicle no matter what. Make no mistake when an icy road is ahead, harsh conditions and snow on the road, with hard studs and firm rubber on, it will be all good and fun.

These tyres are good for Ireland, for European winter and strict safety regulations. Whether you want to buy summer tyreswinter tyres or all season tyres - we will help you find what you are looking for.

Dublin needs tyres all the year, good tyres for every home. We offer wet grip like never before, gives tight and smooth ride across the spicy winter of the land of sea. Driving is smooth and weather good, take the tyre that meet the demand and gives a tight grip to the road. - an offer by Delticom AG 21.06.2024 08:31